Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eve Lora NEXT TO BLOW"..

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<p jquery1145197003997="213">(MAIN PIC: CURTESY OF "TIMEFOTOS 42ND ST)</p>
<p jquery1145197003997="213">Eve Lora was born in the Bronx then
raised by her grandparents in<br />Dominican Republic, later, returned
to New York City with her mother<br />for the rest of her
childhood.<br /><img width="486"
class="align-full" /></p>
<p jquery1145197003997="213"><br />She graduated from Mildred Elley a
business school in Latham NY, with<br />an Associates Degree in Office
Technologies<br /><a jquery1145197003997="1376" target="_self"
width="260" src="*vxrCPBwqIbQoEYy-dtOjAiYXHpawaQRjmId*z493mZJ6*84UqB4St*ZgmMQw7EGLpJB90C-tb3fKhgxR9BR6uUjNhBwLUT/l_3e3c63b17ab779c36ad11570c4366ec5.jpg"
class="align-full" /></a></p>
<p>As a teen she Participated in talent shows n spring concerts,
did<br />local commercials and appeared in the 2004-2005 Glenmont Job
Corps<br />Center brochure.</p>
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<img width="450"
class="align-full" />In 2007 she started vending Sub 0 Dvd's at his
celebrity events, which<br />is where G-Unit Casting Director Kevin
Weekes met her.<br />
<p jquery1145197003997="213"><img width="599"
class="align-full" />She was featured on 50s Most Wanted section on Numerous<br />of times before her Role as Mrs. Ortiz in
50 Cents Directorial Debut<br />Film "Before I Self Destruct"</p>
<p jquery1145197003997="213"><img width="193"
class="align-full" />Continuesly working she's appeared in uncountable
music videos from<br />up coming and relevant artist such as Lo
Smooth, Cortez, known artist<br />like Sheek Louch, Jeremih, Fat Joe,
Kay Slay and many more.<br /><img width="437"
class="align-full" /><br />In the midst, she's worked with YNVS a
Marketing and Promotions Company<br />own by Shampoo for the Hot97
Summer Jam/Def Jam 2009 and 2010 Promo ,<br />along with getting
booked for Snoop Doggs Malice &amp; Wonderland promo.<br />Also, with
other companies she has obtained bookings not limited to but<br
/>equaling to Ludacris "Conjure" Cognac NYC launch promo event.<br
/><img height="443" width="622"
class="align-full" /></p>
<p jquery1145197003997="213"><br />In early 2010, after the devestatin
earthquake in haiti, she was asked<br />to do a Voice Over for Wyclef
Jean life story including the tremendous<br />efforts his company yele
haiti has done to help, in a video that would<br />be played in the
Dominican Republic while he accepted a Cassandra<br />award for his
humanitarian work.</p>
<p jquery1145197003997="213"><img width="517"
class="align-full" /><br />On the rise, she teamed up with POSSETV a
cable network television<br />show produced by Charlie "Tymecheck",
where she diligently interviewed<br />Elite celebrities like Russell
Simmons, Kerri Hilson, Lloyd banks<br />Serani n others amongst
covering major events such as Robert Greene n<br />50 Cents "The 50th
Law" Book signing and more.<br /><img height="488" width="620"
class="align-full" /><br />Eve Lora is the Spokes Person for her not
for profit organization </p>
<p jquery1145197003997="213">E Lora's Benevolence Association Inc
(ELBAI) , which focuses on the awareness of<br />Domestic Violence and
Instilling A Positive Frame Of Mind towards the<br />future.  She also
participated in the 2010 BALL WITH VIXENS basketball<br />game created
by Josie Marie and Supported by Jim Jones.<br /><img height="416"
width="467" src="*vxrCPBwqKRZ3G0pjFjK6KyX498c-fp7yKpEv9TI430RR9RCmm5IMBbf2ddo4uLGbSBp5Vtndgwmzqu2V09mv*71ayJZWs5/hs.JPG"
class="align-full" /><br />Now! Celebrating one of her last project
before 2010 is over Eve Lora<br />States "It is Just The Beginning and
I have God to thank for this<br />Journey" about her lead background
role to Craig Robinson, Kerri<br />Washington n David Allen Grier, in
an executive produced by Tyler<br />Perry film, written and directed
by Tina Gordon Schism "We The<br />Peeples" scheduled to come out in
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